The companies we are working with have the same PRINCIPLES in common:

- High quality & high work standards

- Trust and honesty in relationships

We are adding important information below about our suppliers so you can understand the DNA of the Biogoodies PARTNERSHIP



Bio Catina




Godiva is not our partner. Instead, we are their customers.

Although I have to mention that they do have an excellent customer service when we visited the factory in Belgium, I even felt part of the family.  GODIVA is a very large multinational which has the best DARK CHOCOLATE we know.

Our main goal of doing business with GODIVA is to be able to provide our customers a super Quality Tasty DARK CHOCOLATE which contains more RAW COCOA and COCOA ingredients than Milk + Sugar, like most chocolates do.

To allow our customers to live healthier lives, GODIVA DARK COLLECTION is so far the best option for transitioning from Milk Chocolate without losing the taste and smoothness of a good chocolate. Although GODIVA's products still contain a large quantity of sugar and they are not exactly our preference. We are going to keep looking around for other solutions.

You can find more information at MOTIVATION


If you want to check direct Godiva stores for other options, the links are below:

Europe and International

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