Biogoodies is a online store, so it is products are very important to the success of the store.

Althought it can be the only factor that most people think of, is not our case , our assumptions to have the product here is following a screem process of several factor.

The principles, we base to choose our products are:

  • Healthy
  • Quality
  • Flavor
  • Company
  • Price 


Healthy :

Products per se, are not the healthiest thing of the planet.

To Eat natural and without agrotoxic, preferencially fresh is the ideal situation to your health. Once it is "modified" by the human hand , even by the process of cooking the 'food' changes it is caracteristics what is the most natural.

Some natural and fresh ingredients, like rice or beans for example, those "simple modification" process by washing and cooking, can be beneficial to the human body, to process that food. Others , like overheating oils for example, can be damaging our body. 

But indenaible, once it becames a processed factory product, the alterations and patterns to conservate the product while in a shelf or during transportation, it has lost many of the healthy caractericts from they natural form. Once it it added extra chemical ingredients unecessary, then it can be became dangerous , sometimes.

But in our daily busy routines and modern lifestyle, it seams to be impossible not to have one or two products at day , even to facilitate some process that can be hard. Imagine if we have to harverst our team in early morning everyday or even collect the coffee beans and toast it, before grind and make the actual coffee to drink. 

We will definetelly get everyday late to work.

So our base is. : Less is MORE. 

Less ingredients, less conservatives, less non-sense into your food, therefore in our bodies.



Then , sometimes when doing the same product






Depends of the product, the flavor hasbe pleasant, and in agreement with general 

Is not fair to eat right but not be happy with your food. So falvor is tanting in considerations with among 'unhealthy" food around










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